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Auditing    Lori Batzek
Bylaw Committee Ed Halloran
  Kathy Carey
  Marlene Barthett
  James Roderick
Executive Board Ann Cassesso
  Steve Hardy
  Lori Batzek
  Teresa Vicente
  Marlene Bartlett
  John Power
Finance Kathy Henkle
  Kathy Carey
Treasurer Kathy Henkle
Grievance Marlene Bartlett  (Chairperson)
  Steve Quinn
  Tony Pantanella
  Ed Hardy
  Paul Goode
Drug/Alcohol Advisory Committee vacant
Website Committee Edward Dasilva
  Kathy Henkle
  Joseph Santos
Unit A - Bargaining Teresa Vicente Chairperson
  Edward Dasliva
  Lynne Chamallas
  Paul Nonni
Unit B - Bargaining Michelle Bowler Chairperson
  Ann Cassesso
  Paul Morris
  Steve Ross
  John O'Connell
  Lori Batzek
Unit D - Bargaining --- Chairperson
  Michael Bowler
  Linda Smith
  John Power
Sick Bank Marty Pantanella
  Mary Alice Lally
Safety Michael LaPiana (Chairperson)
  Renee Mello
  James Roderick
Scholarship Marlene Bartlett (Chairperson)
  Sara Harris
  Marita Coombs
  Megan Arruda
New Members Committee