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Auditing    Lori Batzek
Bylaw Committee Ed Halloran
  Jennifer Sousa
Executive Board Ann Cassesso
  Teresa Vicente
  Joe Marino
  Theo Zambakis
Finance Kathy Henkle
Treasurer Kathy Henkle
Grievance Ed Halloran
  Kevin McDevitt
  Tony Pantanella
  Ed Hardy
  Cameron Kostopolous
Drug/Alcohol Mental Health Advisory Committee Cameron Kostopolus
  Ed Hardy
Website Committee Kathy Henkle  (Chairperson)
  Edward Dasilva
  Joseph Santos
Unit A - Bargaining
  Teresa Vincente - IT
  Edward DaSilva - IT
  Steven Quinn - DPW B&G
  Michele Bowler - ISD
Unit B - Bargaining
  Thomas Wingate - DPW Highway
  Anthony Devita - DPW Sewer
  Jenneen Pagliaro - City Clerk
  Lisa Parziale - Traffic & Parking
  Margaret Ragland - Library
Unit C - Bargaining
  Terri Emens - School Nurses
  Maria Tully - School Nurses
  Kerri Conneely - School Nurses
Unit D - Bargaining
  Michael Bowler - DPW Custodians
  Kevin Klein - ISD
  Harry Moore - DPW Custodians
  George Scarpelli - Recreation
Sick Bank Marty Pantanella
  Mary Alice Lally
Safety --- Chairperson
  Renee Mello - City Rep. for Safety
Scholarship (Chairperson not yet appointed)
  Marty Pantanella
  Theo Zambakis
  Jennifer Sousa
  Eddie Hardy
  Kathy Henkle
New Members Committee vacant