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City Hall    Lori Batzek    Ext 4108
  Teresa Vicente Ext 3258
Annex/Police/Fire Carlos Sanchez Ext 2975
Traffic Parking Theo Zambakis Ext 7900
  Paul Morris Ext 7900
Library Ann Cassesso Ext 2952
  Karen Stevens Ext 2933
ISD/BOH Inspectors John Driscoll Ext 5621
DPW Water,Sewer,Engineering,Electrical Anthony Devita Ext
B&G, Custodians John Walsh Ext 5220
Parks J. C. Falaise Ext
Highway Dept. Kevin McDevitt Ext 5520
  Ed Hardy Ext 5520
Recreation Danielle Palazzo Ext 2982
DPW Clerical Staff/Security Matt Johnson Ext
Water Dept Zach Avery Ext
Nurses Terri Emens Ext 6168
Unit A Ed DaSilva Ext 3255
  Marlene Bartlett Ext 6967
Unit B vacant Ext
vacant Ext
vacant Ext
Unit D Kevin Klein Ext 5617
  Michael Bowler Ext
At Large Rep's Ed Hallett Ext 7900
  Rita Jones Ext 2970
  Cameron Kostopoulos Ext
  Vinnie Mitano Ext
Sergeant at Arms vacant Ext