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City Hall    Lori Batzek    Ext 4108
  Teresa Vicente Ext 3258
Annex/Police/Fire vacant Ext
Traffic Parking Lee Anderson Ext 7900
  Paul Morris Ext 7900
Library Rita Jones Ext 2900
  Carlos Sanchez Ext 2900
ISD/BOH Inspectors vacant Ext
DPW Water,Sewer,Engineering,Electrical Anthony Devita Ext
Building John Walsh Ext 5220
Grounds J. C. Falaise Ext
Highway Dept. Kevin McDevitt Ext 5520
  Ed Hardy Ext 5520
Recreation Danielle Palazzo Ext 2982
DPW Clerical Staff/Security Jennifer Sousa Ext
Nurses Terry Emens Ext 6168
Unit A Ed DaSilva Ext 3255
  Marlene Bartlett Ext
Unit B vacant Ext
vacant Ext
vacant Ext
Unit D vacant Ext
  vacant Ext
At Large Rep's Ed Hallett Ext 7900
  vacant Ext
  vacant Ext
  vacant Ext
Sergeant at Arms vacant Ext